icywave features

Icywave is an innovative rapid chiller for beverages and fruits.
Compare to glass door refrigerators and open coolers, icywave chills beverages instantly and keeps them cold in the cooling tank.
You Deserve a Cold One!
Saves Time

Your beverages and fruits will be icycold in minutes.

Saves Energy

Saves energy up to 40% to 80%.

Serve At The Right Temperature

Easier to serve drinks at the right temperature

Chills Instantly and Consecutively

Chills beverages and fruits consecutively.

Able To Chill All Types Of Drinks

All types and volumes of beverages could be chilled.


Patented by Turkish Patent Institute.

Chills With Water

Chills beverages and fruits with water, sterilizes with ozone (O3).

Keeps Cold

Keeps beverages and fruits cold in the cooling tank.

Helps Fridges and Coolers

Helps supply to glass door refrigerators and open coolers with cold beverages..