• Coca-Cola
  • Pernod Ricard
  • Avis
  • Anadolu Efes (Best selling beer in Turkey)
  • (7 countries, 300+ units)
  • Banabi (Online delivery services)
  • Eastmarine (Marine distributor)
  • Divan (Hotel)
  • Angel (Fish restaurant)
  • Nossa Costa (Fish restaurant)
  • The Bros (Bistro)
  • PM Lounge (Bistro)
  • Sahne (Night club)
  • Gunay (Night club)
  • Fabbrica Bar
  • Levent Tekel (Liquor store)
  • Regnum Hotels
  • Delphin Hotels
  • Izmir Metropolitan Municipality
  • Tekelika (Liquor store)
  • Penguen Alcohol Shop
  • Fıcı Tobacco Shop
  • Buzzmarket (Liquor store)
  • Adana Restaurant
  • Martı Alcohol Shop
  • Cadde Tekel (Liquor store)
  • Dallas Tekel (Liquor store)
  • Ünal Market Ekomini (Liquor store)
  • Sos Tobacco Shop (Liquor store)
  • Paysage Kalamış (İstanbul)

Beverages get chilled in 24 hours by under counter coolers. We were planning to purchase 4 under counter coolers until we experienced rapid beverage chilling by icywave LRX. Model LRX chills 36 glass bottles all together in 8 mins. icywave LRX chills all drinks in 20 mins instead of 24 hours operation by under counter coolers.
We stack up cold beverages to fridges thanks to icywave LRX, we also use LRX as our cooler.
In busy days 100-150 bottles of beverages are being sold in 1 hour. Model LRX can supply high demand and chill 270 bottles of beverages in 1 hour.
Icywave offers convenience in busy days and saves up energy. More importantly helps to supply cold beverages continuously that creates 100% customer satisfaction.

Fabbrica Bar (İstanbul)

Sometimes the drinks that are chilled in the fridges are not cold enough to serve, thanks to icywave, we can turn warm drinks to colder in minutes.

Nossa Costa (Fish Restaurant)

Some of our guests ask for colder drinks and beverages even if we serve them from the fridges. We chill drinks with icywave and serve colder drinks. Meet our guests demand in high level.

Divan Istanbul (Hotel)

We are able to serve every bottle chilled perfectly for our guests.

Angel Blue (Fish Restaurant)

We are able to sell all kind of drinks when they are cold. Our customers are so happy.

Tekelika Izmir (Liquor Store)

It is so simple and fast to serve real cold drinks to our guests with icywave.

The Bros (Restaurant)

Especially during busy days, it is easier to serve colder drinks with icywave.

PM Lounge Istanbul (Night Club)